Fire and flood damage

Perth Strata Cleaning understand how stressful the damage from fire and water can be.  We are an IICRC accredited company that is available 24/7 for rapid response.  Whether insurance or private, we can help you get things back to normal quickly and without stress.

Water extraction and removal

It is important to determine the source of any flooding as this will change the remediation process. Flooding can be classified into Clean, Grey and Black water:

Clean water

Clean water is water that does not contain contaminant sources. This may be broken water pipes, malfunctioning appliances, toilet cisterns, rain water. However over time (48 hours) and especially after contact with building surfaces, clean water will be reclassified as grey water.

Grey water

Grey water can be a health risk and may contain contaminants (chemical or biological). Sources include discharge from dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, showers, waterbeds and aquariums. Over time (48 hours) this water will be reclassified as black water.

Black water

Black water may contain potentially harmful contaminants and is a health risk. Black water includes flood water containing soil or sewerage. All sewage contains microbes many of which are harmful to humans. They may cause typhoid, hepatitis as well as gastroenteritis. Great care is needed to avoid contamination of the skin, eyes, nose and mouth.


Clean and grey water flooding that is dried within 48 hours should not lead to further problems. Black water flooding will mean the replacement of carpets and potentially wall plaster boards and some doors.

Carpet Restoration

If you have suffered flooding to your carpet, Perth Strata Cleaning are available 24/7 to help in the following ways:

Water extraction

The key to restoration of carpet is to get the water off as quickly as possible. The more water that is extracted the quicker the drying time. As most of our work is in high rise buildings we use portable equipment to extract water from the carpet.

Mould treatment

Both fungus and bacteria will grow quickly in a wet carpet. At Perth Strata Cleaning we treat the carpet with an anti-microbial sanitiser to prevent this from happening.


The best way to stop the fungal and bacterial growth is to get the carpet dry. Perth Strata Cleaning uses high volume fans to dry from the top down. For large areas fans can also be used to blow air under the carpet.


To bring the carpet back to its pre-flooded condition a hot water extraction clean is recommended. As with all Perth Strata Cleaning carpet cleans we start with a vacuum using a powered brush head attached to a commercial grade vacuum. The carpet is then pre-sprayed and agitated with an orbital carpet scrubber (or raked depending on size and carpet condition). A thorough clean with a hot water carpet extraction machine will remove any dirt leaving it ready to dry naturally or with a fan.

Hard floor water removal

If you have suffered flooding of your hard floors in your home, car park or common areas (such as foyer, gym or fire stairs), Perth Strata Cleaning is available 24/7 to help with water removal. Using wet and dry vacuum cleaners Perth Strata Cleaning can remove all loose water quickly and efficiently.

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